Kid Dakota

New album, "Denervation," available January 19th, 2018


Kid Dakota is the musical moniker of Darren Jackson. Formed in 1999, Kid Dakota has released two albums on LOW's Chairkicker's Union - So Pretty (2002), and The West is the Future (2004) - and two albums on Graveface Records - A Winner's Shadow (2008), and Listen to the Crows As They Take Flight (2011). He is currently working on his fifth album, Denervation, which will be released on Graveface Records on 11/25/2017.

Although the Kid Dakota oeuvre has been written exclusively by Darren Jackson, many other musicians have worked with Darren both on stage and in the studio to help cultivate a unique and unforgettable sound. Among these are Christopher McGuire (12Rods, Quruli, John Vanderslice, The Mountain Goats), Zak Sally (LOW), Ian Prince (Porcupine, Story of the Sea, Houston), Matthew Kazama (The Birthday Suits), Brian Roessler (The Fantastic Merlins, Spymob), Peter Leggett (Heiruspecs), Erik Appelwick (Tapes 'n Tapes, Vicious Vicious), Martin Dosh (dosh), Andrew Broder (Fog, The Cloak Ox), Alan and Mimi Sparhawk (LOW), Adam Levy (The Honeydogs), Ryan Paul Plewacki (Sleep Study, The Honeydogs), Jeremy Ylvisaker (Alpha Consumer, The Suburbs, Cloak Ox), Justin Korhonen (Zoo Animal) and Haley Bonar.

Darren is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, engineer, teacher, and producer. He owns and operates Shortman Studio in Northeast Minneapolis, where he resides with his lovely wife Brieanna, and two beautiful Bedlington Terriers, Dante and Diva. In addition to creating and recording music, he is currently a Ph.D. student in ASPECT (Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His areas of research are early twentieth-century avant-garde film, film theory, and philosophy



Photographer: Brieanna Waters